Polka Dot Piggy Bank Pink

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Our Polka Dot Piggy Banks are the perfect piggy banks to gift your child; they'll be ready to start saving right away! With a simple, but elegant design, you can use this for both function and design. There's also room on the side for personalization! Just like all of our ceramic piggy banks, our Polka Dot Piggy Banks are made with dolomite to ensure durability. The pink base is glazed over so that the color stays true over time, and the whole bank is topped with a shiny finish so that the colors and components stay in place, even with repeated handling.

All of our banks are made from only the highest quality ceramic, known as dolomite, for increased durability. They feature a base that is deep glazed, ensuring that this essential color doesn't wear off with repeated handling. To finish things off, we add a shiny finishing that keeps the colors of all of the underlying components locked in place, meaning that you never have to worry about compromising the quality of the bank with repeated use. 

** Piggy Bank Dimensions 8x7x7 inches